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How to Make Your Brand Sound Right?

Updated: May 29, 2023

In our daily lives, so many sounds surround us. There are birds chirping, vehicles passing by and all the hustle bustle with the unneeded honking on the roads. If you’re driving and tuned in to a radio station, you’ll find yourself paying more attention to an interesting jingle; and reach out to turn up the volume knob if it really sounds like your cup of tea. And as a brand, you want to have the same effect on your audience i.e. capture attention; and with no professional insight, that can be a tedious task! Especially when you’re trying to sell a product or a service that’s fresh in the market, and up against established competitors.

So how exactly do you get your brand to sound as authentic as possible, increase sales and ensure brand loyalty? Well, step one is to cut the complexity and find a voice for your brand. STICK TO A TONE that you can consistently apply to each of your assets such as ads, campaigns and promotions. That will also help you strike a chord with your audience and make you sound true to your identity, mission and vision.

The second step is to integrate EMOTION as the foundation in everything you do. To begin with, you may want to ask yourself the following:

- How exactly do we want our audience to feel?

- What is the purpose behind evoking the very feeling?

If you’re an e-learning platform, maybe you want to give them a sense of pride, courage and bravery as they advance in their learning journey. If you’re a bakery or a fast-food chain, you might want to assure them that they’ll have a happy experience with your food and service.

Remember: Your audience will pay you only if they feel belonged to.

As a third, you need to be future ready. Anything you do is equally important for your closest as well as distant business plans. Therefore, you don’t want to have ads or jingles with uneven sound levels, the wrong equalization, a low dynamic range or a muddy master. Sounds too complicated, right? Well, that’s why it’s best when left for the professionals. Fundamentally, sound is science and only those who know the A to Z of sound th3ory can help you with PROFESSIONAL audio treatment. They can help your ads sound crisp, clear and ready for all devices such as mobile, laptop and radio etc.

These pointers can help you EVOLVE, STAY UNIQUE and BE RELEVANT as technology and consumer behaviors change through the times. So how do you plan to make your brand sound right?

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