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SEO: The Long Game

Updated: May 29, 2023

SEO as we know it is Search Engine Optimisation.

But what do you need to optimize?

The format? The voice? The keywords? Perhaps, all of that.

But there’s more to Search Engine Optimisation than merely a signature recipe.

Each writer is unique, and so is a reader. Anyone can write but not everyone can write blogs that rank.

Like Neil Patel says, “When it comes to SEO, there’s you, the search engine, and the searcher.”

You are writing for the reader and the more readers you get, the better it is for you (in… the... long... run...)

The Traffic and The Jam

If you want your content on a search engine’s first page, be aware that it’s a long road, and that you’re somewhere in the traffic. Here are some useful tips to navigate through the jam:

  • Get the keywords right. Head over to Ubersuggest for more.

  • Keep it simple, and natural. The engines work on the basis of how people ask questions.

  • Write unique and original content. Extra care and effort to ensure that, goes a long way.

Let’s say you succeed in ranking high and in showing up on the first page of the search engine in question. Then, what next? There’s a high possibility that you’ll slip to the later pages as more content drives in.

And that… isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Rankings are important, but content: necessary. If you nail the content, link it to their original sources and let the very sources know about it; they might even share it on their social media. Thus, getting you that more traffic.

After all, search engines only prioritize content on user feedback – what people tell them is useful, what’s not and what more of they’d like to see.

Content: The King

With advancements in technology and algorithms, tricking search engines doesn’t work anymore.

It’s an open secret that content never dies. Once it’s up on the web, there’s no turning back.

And so, it better be an epitome of authenticity and quality. So even when time passes by, it’s able to:

  • Survive.

  • Stand out.

  • Solve a problem.

Let’s admit it; even you won’t like to read a blog that fails at either of these.

And when it’s worth your effort and time, you’ll share it!

Isn’t it what you exactly want for your blogs too? To be read, shared and re-shared?



The internet immortalizes your content. When it’s great, optimized for search engines (which mostly is Google) and links back to original sources, you’ll eventually catch attention of relevant audiences.

Remember: Content and SEO go hand in hand. When they don’t, it cuts you off the marathon that Search Engine Optimisation really is.

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